Business Loan Program - Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

First Nations Clean Energy Business Fund

The Clean Energy Act (CEA), which received Royal Assent on June 3, 2010, enables the creation of a First Nation Clean Energy Business Fund (FNCEBF).  The fund has an initial appropriation of up to $5 million.

The FNCEBF aims to promote increased First Nation participation in the clean energy sector within their asserted traditional territories and treaty areas through agreements between the BC Government and the eligible First Nations to:

  • Provide capacity development funding to support First Nations to undertake activities such as feasibility studies or to engage with proponents of clean energy projects (Capacity Funding);
  • Provide equity funding to qualifying First Nations to help acquire equity positions in clean energy projects or assist in the undertaking of their own community clean energy project (Equity Funding); and
  • Share in the revenues from clean energy projects based on new, net, incremental revenues to government derived from water rentals, land rents and eventually wind participation rents (Revenue Sharing).

Further information on the FNCEBF can be found at the following links:

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