Tahltan Nation

Member Bands

Iskut First Nation

: Approximately 500 kilometres north of Terrace. The main community is at Iskut I.R. No.6. (Three reserves on 107.9 hectares).

Number of Band Members: 705 (Source: Registered Indian Population by Sex and Residence, December 2010 [last available data], Indian and Northern Affairs Canada)

Tahltan Indian Band

: Approximately 700 kilometres northwest of Terrace. The main community is at Telegraph Creek I.R. No. 6. (11 reserves on 1,338.5 hectares).

Number of Band Members: 1,708 (Source: Registered Indian Population by Sex and Residence, April 2011, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada)


: Government representatives are working to build relationships with the Tahltan Indian Band and the Iskut First Nation outside of the British Columbia Treaty Commission process through the Tahltan Central Council (TCC).

: The Tahltan people are comprised of two bands, each with an elected council: the Tahltan Indian Band (with headquarters at Telegraph Creek); and the Iskut First Nation (with headquarters at Iskut). The overarching Tahltan Central Council (with offices are at Dease Lake) is comprised of representatives of 10 families from each band. The TCC links the Tahltan bands and has represented them on issues of joint concern, specifically on asserted inherent rights and title. Neither the Tahltan Indian Band nor the Iskut First Nation are affiliated with a tribal council and are recognized as separate, unaffiliated Indian bands by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. However, the TCC is a registered society under the B.C. Society Act.

Total band members
: 2,413 (Source: Registered Indian Population by Sex and Residence, 2010-2011, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada)


Land and Resource

Provincial negotiators have undertaken discussions with the TCC outside of the treaty process on a wide range of topics since November 2004. Discussions are for the most part informal so the level of interaction varies according to specific situations and needs.

In November 2007, the Province and the Tahltan Nation announced a restoration plan to assess and address the impacts of past mineral exploration and development activity within Tahltan asserted territory. The restoration plan was the first major accomplishment of the Tahltan-BC Minerals Working Group, which was established to review operational issues related to mining activities and proposed mining activities in the area that includes the communities of Dease Lake, Telegraph Creek and Iskut. The Minerals Working Group is comprised of representatives of the TCC and the Ministry of Energy and Mines in support of the main B.C./TCC Reconciliation Table.

In May 2010, BC Hydro, British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC), Coast Mountain Hydro L.P., a wholly owned subsidiary of AltaGas Income Trust Ltd. (AltaGas), and the Tahltan Nation signed clean energy agreements around the development of the Northwest Transmission Line (NTL).

The agreements include:

  • A $180-million umbrella agreement between AltaGas and BCTC for the construction and development of the NTL.
  • An electricity-purchase agreement between BC Hydro and AltaGas for the Forrest Kerr clean energy project near Bob Quinn Lake.
  • An impact-benefit agreement between AltaGas and the Tahltan Nation for the Forrest Kerr project.

In May 2011, the Tahltan Nation and BC signed a government-to-government agreement regarding the parties’ commitments with respect to the development of the NTL. The framework agreement provides commitments from the Province to negotiate future agreements related to shared decision-making, economic opportunities through revenue sharing, managing social and cultural changes and planning for energy development associated with the NTL project.

As well, the Tahltan Nation and BC Hydro signed a separate impact benefit agreement that outlines the benefits the Nation will receive and how impacts will be managed.

  • Tahltan Nation – BC Government Framework Agreement – May 2011
  • Strategic Engagement Agreement

    On March 14, 2013 the Tahltan Nations and BC signed a government-to-government agreement that establishes a collaborative framework for ongoing land and resource decision-making in Tahltan traditional territory in northwest B.C. Encompassing 90,000 square kilometres, the territory includes many environmentally and culturally significant areas. To implement the agreement, B.C. is providing Tahltan Nation $1.2 million over three years. The agreement is another step in realizing a new relationship between B.C. and the Tahltan Nation as outlined in the Northwest Transmission Line Government-to-Government Framework Agreement. This also builds on the Dec. 18, 2012 announcement by B.C., Shell and the Tahltan of an agreement to resolve the status of natural-gas tenure in the Klappan area.

    First Nations Clean Energy Business Fund Revenue-sharing Agreement

    On March 14, 2013 the province and Tahltan Nations signed a the revenue-sharing agreement in which the Tahltan will receive a portion of water rentals and land rents charged by the Province for the Forrest Kerr hydroelectric project. Once the project is fully operational, the revenue to Tahltan is forecast to be approximately $2.5 million per year over the life of the project.