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Westbank First Nation


Negotiating status
: Negotiating a comprehensive treaty settlement within the British Columbia Treaty Commission six-stage treaty process.

Negotiating affiliation
: Negotiating independently with Canada and British Columbia. Affiliated with the Okanagan Nation Alliance, whose other five member bands are not involved in the treaty process.

: On the west shore of Okanagan Lake, across from Kelowna. (Five reserves on 2,161 hectares.)

Total Band Members
: 700 (Source: Registered Indian Population by Sex and Residence May 2011, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada)


The Westbank First Nation entered the BC treaty process with Canada and British Columbia in January 1994, and is in Stage 4 of the six-stage process, negotiating an agreement in principle.

The WFN suspended its participation in the BCTC process in 2009, pending the resolution of various issues between the parties.

Westbank Self-Government Agreement

The Westbank First Nation has a self-government agreement under the federal Inherent Right to Self-Government Policy. The Westbank First Nation Self Government Act, which implements the Westbank Self-Government Agreement, was passed by Parliament and became law on May 6, 2004. B.C. is not a party to the agreement. The agreement is one of only two stand-alone self-government agreements in British Columbia.

Other activities

The Province and Westbank First Nation have a long history of working together on various issues resulting in forestry agreements, a waterworks license, a partnership on Kelowna’s new Bennett Bridge, as well as two interchange project

Forest Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreement

A Forest Consultation and Revenue Sharing Agreement (FCRSA) provides a First Nation community with economic benefits returning directly to their community based on harvest activities in its traditional territory.

Planned meetings

As dates are established for open public meetings, they will be publicized through the local media and on the British Columbia Treaty Commission Website Negotiations Calendar.