Information about Métis People in British Columbia

The Métis people are recognized as a distinct Aboriginal population in Canada, with unique languages, history and cultural traditions. Métis people identify themselves, and are recognized, as distinct from First Nations (Indian), Inuit or European descendants. Métis are people of mixed First Nation and European ancestry. The Métis culture draws on their ancestral origins, such as Scottish, French, Ojibway and Cree. The distinct Métis culture arose after contact with the first European explorer/settlers but prior to colonization.

There are over 59,000 Métis people living in British Columbia, mostly residing in urban areas, and representing 30 per cent of the Aboriginal population in BC.

The Métis Nation BC is the governing nation for Métis people living in British Columbia, and represents one of five governing members of the Métis National Council.

The Métis have a strong and robust culture. Michif is the language of the Métis people that developed in the 1700s as a trade language spoken between the French/English fur traders and the Cree/Algonkian/Sioux speakers. To learn more about the Michif language and Métis culture, visit the LearnMichif website.

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