A Guide to Aboriginal Organizations and Services

Click to download Thank you for your interest in the Guide to Aboriginal Organizations and Services in British Columbia, 2011/12 Edition.

The bi-annual publication of the Guide is coordinated by the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation in support of Aboriginal people and their communities.

The Guide is a provincial resource listing of 800 community-based services and organizations referenced in 1100 entries—most of which are Aboriginal controlled and operate on a not-for-profit basis. It is based on the most current information available at the time of printing.

The Guide is also a means by which other community service organizations, government ministries and agencies, and non-Aboriginal citizens may become knowledgeable about the scope of Aboriginal services and organizations.

Aboriginal Organizations and Services in British Columbia Adobe Acrobat (PDF 1.38MB)
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There is a Pronunciation Guide to Indigenous names in the Guide. These phonetic interpretations were created with the help of the organizations listed. Any error in the phonetic translation is ours, and will be adjusted in the next edition.


This edition of the Guide (Adobe Acrobat PDF version) has enhanced navigation, linking, search and print options.


  • You can locate individual entries by using the Table of Contents—to find the category of organization or service you want, Alpha Index, City Index, or the Adobe Acrobat "Search" function.
  • Each category name in the Table of Contents is hyperlinked to take you to the corresponding section in the Guide.


  • Position the cursor over any Email or Web address and the left mouse button to activate.


All the entries in the Guide are "tagged" to create a fully searchable document. Select the "Search" function from the Adobe Edit pull-down menu or use the "Find" box on the Menu bar.


  1. Standard
    Use the standard "Print" icon in the Adobe menu bar to print the whole Guide.
  2. Page Range
    <Select> File/print from the Adobe pull-down menu and print all or only the pages you want based on the "page range" function.
  3. Print Section/Category
    <Click on> the coloured "Print Section" button located at the top of the first page of each Category (or section) named in the Table of Contents. This will print all the entries that category.
  4. Print Bookmark/Category
    <Right mouse click> on the Bookmark (or category) of your choice on the left hand side of the screen to access the pop-up "print pages" function. Note: this feature works in Adobe Reader only; not available in the Adobe Standard version.


The Guide is not a comprehensive listing of all Aboriginal organizations in the province, nor does it offer links to all of the services that may be of interest to Aboriginal people in B.C.

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