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Records relating to ministry/agency procurement of office equipment and supplies, furnishings, and other types of goods for government use.

Record types include correspondence, purchase requisitions (including Oracle iStore orders), purchase orders (POs), emergency purchase orders (EMOs), purchase orders on standing offers (POSOs) (e.g., Corporate Supply Arrangement [CSA]) purchase orders), and packing slips.

For accounts payable, see primary 925.
For contracts, see primary 1070.
For delegation of purchasing authority, see primary 265.
For information technology order approvals, see primary 6000.
For petty cash purchases, see primaries 925 and 940.
For the procurement of services, see primary 1070.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE

Records Series   OPR
    A SA FD
825-00 Policy and procedures   SO nil DE
825-01 General
(supersedes and merges former secondaries 850-02 Master standing offers (government-wide) and 850-03 Standing offers (ministry specific))
  FY+1y nil DE

Purchase requisitions and purchase orders
(supersedes and merges former secondaries 364-07 Library purchase order forms, 825-02 Internal ministry order forms, 825-03 External ministry order forms, 825-05 Procurement instruments, 830-02 Emergency purchase orders, 832-02 Local minor purchase orders, 835-02 Corporate Procurement Solutions requisitions, 835-03 Corporate Procurement Solutions purchase orders and amendment documents, 840-02 Queen’s Printer printing requisitions, 845-02 Queen’s Printer publications and stationery requisitions, 845-20 Queen’s Printer publication correspondence, 850-20 Government master standing offer purchase orders, 850-30 Ministry standing offer purchase orders, 855-04 Special stationery orders [excluding Queen’s Printer], and 855-02 Computer stationery supply requests)

7y = The retention period is consistent with the retention period for related financial records classified under section 4 Financial Management.

  FY+1y 6y DE
825-03 (superseded by secondary -02 Purchase requisitions and purchase orders)  
825-04 Packing slips
(supersedes former secondaries 840-03 Queen’s printer packing slips and 845-03 Queen’s printer packing slips)
  SO nil DE
825-05 (superseded by secondary -02 Purchase requisitions and orders)  

Warehouse shipment receipts
(includes correspondence, bills of lading, waybills, copies of purchase orders, and reports)

NOTE: These records document equipment and supplies received in a warehouse or stockroom, as well as problems and discrepancies with the shipment.

  FY+1y nil DE

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