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Records relating to travel authorization and expense claims.

Record types include correspondence, forms, and receipts.

For accountable travel advances, see primary 940.
For reassignments and transfers, see primary 1385 (individual employee) and primary 1580 (staffing projections and planning).
For travel cards, see primary 1105.
For travel plans, itineraries, etc., see primary 490.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE 

Records Series   OPR 
    A SA FD  
1240-00 Policy and procedures   SO 7y DE  
1240-01 General   FY+1y nil DE  
1240-02 (superseded by secondary -20 Travel authorization files)          
1240-03 (superseded by secondary -20 Travel authorization files)          
1240-04 (superseded by secondary -20 Travel authorization files)          
1240-05 Denied travel requests   FY+1y nil DE PIB

Travel authorization files
(supersedes and merges with former secondaries 1240-02 relocation expense claims, -03 minister’s travel expenses, -04 non-government personnel, -20 In-province travel, -30 Out-of-province travel, and -40 Out-of-Canada travel)
(includes approved travel requests, expense claim records [e.g., iExpense envelopes], and business travel emission [e.g., SMARTTEC] confirmations)

NOTE:  For administrative convenience, these records may be classified with other accounts payable records under either primaries 925 or 1050, whichever is consistent with local office practice.

  FY+1y 6y DE PIB
1240-30 (superseded by secondary -20 Travel authorization files)          
1240-40 (superseded by secondary -20 Travel authorization files)          

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