Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal of the Province of British Columbia
Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal of the Province of British Columbia Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal of the Province of British Columbia
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The Tribunal now posts all decisions in order to illustrate the types of appeals heard by the Tribunal. These decisions may assist appellants, advocates and the public to better understand the role of the Tribunal and the nature of our decisions. Personal information is removed to protect privacy.

The decisions are organized by the subject matter of the appeal, and then by the year of the decision. You can find the decisions by clicking on the subject matter link in the Table of Contents below, or by entering in a key word / phrase in the search engine below.

Note: For the period of July 1, 2007 to September 30, 2008, the Tribunal only posted decisions of interest. No decisions prior to July 1, 2007 are posted.


Table of Contents:

Child Care

Crisis Supplement
Disabilities – Persons with Disabilities
Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers (PPMB)
Eligibility – Audit
Eligibility – Deductions on Income/Earnings Exemptions

Eligibility – Dependency/ Living Arrangements

Eligibility – Excess Income/Assets
Eligibility – Failure to Accept/Pursue Income/Assets/Inadequate Consideration
Eligibility – Failure to Provide Information/Verification
Eligibility – Full-Time Student
Eligibility – Other

Eligibility – Residency

Eligibility - Time Limit for IA

Eligibility – Undeclared Income/Assets

Employment – Dismissed/Quit/Refused Employment
Employment Plan/Failure to Look for Work
Employment - 2yr Financial Independence
Family Maintenance
Health Supplements – Dental Supplement

Health Supplements – Diet/Natal Supplement

Health Supplements – Medical Equipment
Health Supplements – Medical Supplies

Health Supplements – Medical Transportation

Health Supplements – Monthly Nutritional Supplements (MNS)
Health Supplements – MSP/Other Health Supplements
Health Supplements – Short-term Nutritional Supplement Products
Health Supplements – Therapies

Other – Backdating

Other – BC Family Bonus Calculation
Other – Guide Animal Supplement

Other - Community Volunteer Supplement

Other – CIHR/Under 19
Other – Hardship
Other – Medical Services Only Coverage
Other – Moving Costs

Other – No Reconsideration Decision Made

Other - Other

Other - Overpayment

Other – Security Deposit

Other – Shelter Allowance/Support

Other – Travel Supplement


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