Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal of the Province of British Columbia
Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal of the Province of British Columbia Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal of the Province of British Columbia
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1.0   Mission of the Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal

The mission of the Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal (“Tribunal”) is to provide an independent and impartial appeal process that is community based and delivers timely and fair decisions reviewing determinations of the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation and, for the child care subsidy program, the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

In carrying out its mission, the Tribunal is guided by the following principles:

arrow_image. Fairness
arrow_image. Impartiality
arrow_image. Timelines
arrow_image. Accessibility
arrow_image. Accountability
arrow_image. Transparency
arrow_image. Objectivity
arrow_image. Discretion

Through adherence to these principles, the Tribunal achieves its goals of independence in decision-making, excellence in service, and efficiency in administration.

1.1   Purpose of the Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct (“Code”) is to:

arrow_image. establish rules of conduct that govern the professional and ethical responsibilities of Tribunal members,
arrow_image. identify the criteria against which members' performance will be assessed for purposes of identifying training needs and making recommendations respecting re-appointment, and
arrow_image. promote public confidence in the integrity and competency of the Tribunal, and the independence and credibility of the Tribunal and its members.

The Code is based on the fundamental principle of a fair hearing and recognizes the requirement of independence in adjudicative decision-making.

1.2   Scope

The Code covers the role and responsibilities of Tribunal members to the Tribunal, to the public trust, and to the parties when hearing appeals. Specifically, the Code deals with:

arrow_image. the role and authority of Tribunal members,
arrow_image. the responsibilities of members to the Tribunal,
arrow_image. preparation and timeliness,
arrow_image. conduct during hearings,
arrow_image. collegiality in decision making,
arrow_image. roles during decision writing, and
arrow_image. duties of panel chairs.

The Code may be amended to reflect the continuing development of the Tribunal.

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