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Premier's Technology Council

In August 2001, the Premier's Technology Council was formed, which is comprised of members from the private sector and academia. The mandate of the council is to provide advice to the Premier on all technology-related issues facing British Columbia and its citizens. 

Building a Knowledge Based Society in BC

The Premier’s Technology Council (PTC) believes that building a knowledge based society will better the lives of British Columbians.  It can improve health and education services, create jobs, generate economic growth, and improve government efficiency.

To help create this knowledge based society, the PTC makes recommendations to the Premier in three key areas. These three pillars are infrastructure, government services, and the knowledge-based economy.

  • Infrastructure for a Knowledge-Based Society: BC should endeavour to ensure that the technology infrastructure is in place to support the economic, cultural and social growth of people in BC. This includes broadband communications, connected education systems, high speed research networks, health networks, research centres, and university facilities.
  • Government Services for a Knowledge-Based Society: BC must utilize technology to improve government service delivery. This includes seamless service delivery across government organisations, K-12 and post secondary e-learning, e-health, and Gov 2.0.
  • The Knowledge-Based Economy: BC must put programs in place that enhance the knowledge-based industry to strengthen and diversify the BC economy. This includes creating a supportive environment for business promoting the availability of capital, helping attract and develop skilled human resources, and investing in research and commercialisation.

Current Initiatives:

As part of the BC Government’s Technology strategy the Premier’s Technology Council will review the  BC Government’s research and innovation investments over the last decade, and develop recommendations for achieving greater economic benefit from future allocations.